Animated Book Covers

It's a fact that animated images get a better response than still images and can help boost sales. 

Below are some of my covers that I have animated and if you would like yours doing, then please let me know or follow the link to purchase an animated cover here.

Please note that the ones below are only $5 and have a single animated effect on each. With your purchase, you will get a gif and a 6 second video with full commercial rights to use as you wish.

Not only can an animated effect be added, but up to 3 can be layered on top of each other to give a better animation. The images below all have 2 effects overlaid.

You will get the same as above, but with any 2 effects. A short video clip and a gif, both with commercial rights as the image is yours.

As you can see, the covers below have 3 animated effects added to them. This gives you a idea of just some of the things that can be done to an image. The cover for Angel of Destruction has red and blue clouds with lightning blended into the cover itself. In the foreground we then have some rain and the flame on the Angel's sword.

© 2017 by V.L. Debique.

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