Fantasy Stories

A stranger in a foreign land is sought by an executioner from another realm.

After thinking he would not have to pay for his crime, he must now face the future and the very existence of man.

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Have you ever been somewhere and wondered, 'how did I get here?" What would you do?

Our young friend, Brevin, is faced with that very same quandary. Yet before him stand two very tall and very solid doors.

Deciding the only way is forward, Brevin knocks on the doors, hoping to pass through them. What if the doors were not meant to let him through? What if they were to keep things in?

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A lonely young boy is an outcast in the village where he lives. His only friend, the local blacksmith, takes him as apprentice and teaches him everything he needs to know.

One day, everything will change when he faces a bully. Finally standing up for himself will have disastrous consequences 

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Growing up alone in a city and trying to survive is never easy. That all changes when Samael meets a new friend.

Together they go on adventures, have fun and even rescue a princess.

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