In a future we all knew would come, everyone is permanently connected to the Network. The Network allows us to instantly communicate with each other and search for information. It is an advanced version of the internet and through neural enhancements, our bodies and minds are connected.

A hacker, out to prove the Network is not infallible and a veteran detective, will both have their lives turned upside down when the unthinkable happens. A murder occurs. For decades Earth has lived in peace. Scanners placed around the city automatically log everyone who passes using their neural enhancements, so the Committee knows where everyone has been. With people being tracked and logged, crime rates had fallen to zero. Until now.

Under pressure to solve the case as quickly as possible, Clark and Jill struggle to find any evidence at the crime scene, but they do have a clue. The method by which the killer cleans the crime scene is unique and leads them to a large corporation. Will they be able to track down the killer before he strikes again? 

© 2017 by V.L. Debique.

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